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Inspired By History

- The ownership of the contract has given up (renounced). - The liquidity pool are locked for 200 years. - 3% of every transaction divides to all holders. - Transactions on the BSC are trackable with full transparency. - Automatic burning in any transaction 3%

Why Daric?

At first glance on any token regardless of total, maximum, circulating supply, number of holders, or market cap and etc. All tokens may look the same, with cool and fancy advertisements and slogans. But when we look closer into their contracts, we find many security bugs; and sometimes these bugs are created intentionally for cheating and rug pull (honeypot) and sometimes due to the lack of knowledge of the team. Even we the Daric team have been through that and has faced tokens that theirs target was to just take investors’ money and disappear, and leave investors with discomfort. This is one of the few reasons of Daric’s birth, to have a reliable and trustworthy contract. Daric was born with trust, love, transparency and security without any owner and own by community.


What makes Daric token different ?

With locked liquidity pool and renounced ownership which leave the contract without an owner. Daric is 100% community-driven and decentralized with full security smart contract that ensures holders can invest without having to trust a third party app or any person. For more details about our security protocols, please read our white paper.


Our Vision

We believe that the key to the success of any project is the community, and of course every community needs trust, transparency and security to grow. Our vision is simply to provide a safe, transparent and reliable token for traders and holders to grow. Our vision is to share result of this project with people who need help and that is the reason we have specified a share of this project to charity to help people who need it.

Daric Security Features

  • The Liquidity pool is locked for 200 years.

  • No manipulated pump and dump on token's price thanks to the locked liquidity pool.

  • Ownership of contract has been renounced.

  • Smart contract codes include taxes etc. can't be edited or modified.

  • There are no hidden or unknown functions and unusual code in the contract.

  • Daric token isn't a proxy contract.

  • All transactions on the BSC chain are visible and trackable with full transparency.​

  • Sale and buy tax are fixed forever.

  • Functions that have been removed from the contract: "Buyback", "Mintable", "Pausable/Disable transfer or trading".

Daric has a fixed tax of nine percent on every Buy or Sell. This tax is divided into four parts. 

It means that the tax going to be distributed into different wallets. Here shows how it is divided:

3% Burn

Burns automatically and sends to the dead wallet.

3% Reward

This reward (tokens) distributs between all wallets.

1% Charity

Sends to the charity wallet (we have specified a separate wallet for the charity).

2% Team

Sends to the team wallet.

Token Burning

Beside the automatic token burning system in every Buy and Sell, Daric has a monthly manual burning too.
Daric team has decided to have monthly manual burning at the first 24 month of Daric’s birth. By these token burnings we reduce the amount of the circulating token in the system and in the meantime it will increase the price of Daric. In this section you are going to be able to track the monthly token burning.

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Arash Sh(Ola)


Developer, Investor And Community Leader

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Web Developer, Investor And Community Leader